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    In the quaint town of Salzburg, where cobblestone streets echo with history, a 21-year-old named Via embarks on a musical journey.

    She's a storyteller, not just with words but through the intimate melodies she weaves on the piano, her voice a unique instrument of expression.

    Her lyrics, like chapters in a book, unfold the pages of her journey into adulthood – a journey filled with the harmonies of joy and the dissonance of struggles and self-doubt. A pivotal chapter arrives as she clinches a newcomer songwriting award, a turning point that introduces her to her producer, who becomes the supporter of her creative evolution and leads her to her new hometown Vienna.

    Amidst the hills and valleys of her musical landscape, influences like Kenya Grace, Laufey, and Lauren Spencer Smith become the companions on her lyrical journey. The stage becomes a canvas for her live performances, where the audience becomes characters in the unfolding drama. Her live performances, including supporting the australian band Amistat, reveal an artist who lays bare her emotions on stage, creating an intimate connection with her audience.

    Beyond the notes, there's a hidden narrative in Via's persona. With fiery red hair and glasses, her name is a nod to the delicate violet flower, a metaphor for the fragility and resilience that colors her art. In the realm of her "confessional bedroom pop", she unveils the most intimate corners of her soul.

    This isn't just a musical performance; it's a story unfolding, each song a chapter, each performance a live reading. Via, with her name etched in the petals of a violet, invites listeners to read between the lines of her melodies and become characters in the novel of her life.

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